I think you have good choices here and I agree a beginner with $500 could invest this way. I believe the dollar-cost-average method will work best with investing in crypto. ADA and ETH could easily see 5X sustained gains in the coming months. I like DOT a bunch and think it can zoom up. HNT is another I like and anyone can mine the coin at home with a $600 or $400 miner. Imagine using the profits each month to buy more crypto. I will be soon. Binance(us) is another great exchange. One my favorites is VET. Their use case makes them a great venture. It’s key for early investors in crypto to ignore the rollercoaster market and sideways trends right now. Especially ignore Musk and other media misinformation. Crypto is here to stay and will continue to grow in value. HODL. Patience. Profit. And for goodness sake, don’t buy the top, but the dip.

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