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Personal growth through adversity.

Illusions Pushed Aside-Haiku Series

Greg Prince
1 min readNov 19, 2019


Derelict lurking
Embraces chances inside
Waiting for my dreams

Blooded rancid yolk
Seeping open-shell cracks wide
Aspirations leak

Where are promises
Shrieking only twisted lies
Young eye’s dreams escape

Reclaiming breath bits
Difficult steps through deep mud
Strengthen earnest strides

Treasures gather slow
Dust turned into live resolve
Dreamer awakens


Getting down to brass tacks. The essentials. Putting food on the table. Where am I at? Where are you?

Money doesn’t flow. Food not on the table. Fuel not in the tank. But I won’t be broken. Yet, I have shattered to pieces in the best way.

To understand and trust in falling down so to be learned in the ways of getting up again. To ask important questions. To become vulnerable while remaining strong.

Who am I? What am I? What purpose and meaning do I give and live for?

Spinning in circles no more fallow grounds must be revitalized for fresh sowing. Will we gather for the battle? Will I? Will you fight for your needs?

Let desperation, drive, and hunger give you power.

Sprout and grow again.

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