Greg Prince
1 min readMar 12, 2021

I’m a powerlifter for the past 24 years and love your accurate thinking here. The question is why are people so credulous? We want more than is within the body’s natural capacity and demand it from those who entertain our fantasies. Why should they stop using PEDS? Everyone should know that most if not all world class athletes use them to get the results we want to see. That goes for actors and models too. Read: dysmorphia desires. There is much literature on beating the PED and steroid tests and experts who guide superstars in this. Our supersized society wants superpeople and we’re getting better at engineering them(us) all the time.

Suckers think they can look like a CG super person. Bigger “Gullibles” will think they can be the same as their idol’s unreal body without chemical help. Get real. Fortunately their is a lot of realistic training out there that doesn’t promote unreal expectations.

I’m 50 and still strong though I never wanted to look like Hemsworth I use my strength to look well enough for me.

Squatting and deadlifting around 475 lbs and competition benching around 300 lbs right now with no PED use. I’m going to keep building strength and looking good. My best healthy bodyfat range is between 10–12% which I maintain with regular lifting, mobility training, walking, and careful meal selection. What more could I want. Green skin and 50 inch biceps are on the horizon! My hulk wishes will happen😅

Greg Prince

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