Invisible Currents

Greg Prince
2 min readFeb 2, 2019


Leftovers tingling and spreading euphoric sensations.

Riding frequencies unseen.
The world pulls back away and yet all around.

Trippin’ again, vibrating in sinking delight.

My skin rising

Breath expanding spreading in radiations
crisping every space on me.

Smile marking the moment,
an involuntary joy.

Haven’t done the sweet for 27 years
but its touch and tag remain,
a pleasure beyond pleasure
accessed by a still air or meditation.

An exhale inside soul like breath crystallized in cold air.

Mind without order an aphrodisiac of delicious chaos whirling through me.

Here in the now,
but beyond
surfing on a frequency unseen.

Pathetic lows destroyed and desperate arrows pointing to my center:

There I found strength
To be odd
To be different
To be schism
To be pureness in individual
The trip consumes voraciously
To be authentic
To be challenged
To be resisted
To fight, be beaten, and rise again undeterred
To live vibrantly
To bless with approval

Basking in an upsurge
Expanding in a rush
To embody great power in feeling whole and joyful.

Here in the now,
but beyond
surfing on a frequency unseen.

Meaning here to show happiness. It’s okay to feel. My goal is to illustrate my trippin’ flashbacks and how good they are. I read so much in shared stories about misery, hurt, depression, angst, and dismay.

It’s my humble opinion there is a need for many more gleeful articles here on Medium. We all suffer. We and all feel joy. I want to read more about smiles.

There are several stories about feeling good, let’s do more.

Can’t wait to read about your 😄



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