Bankrupt Broke Failure

Irrational Solution

Greg Prince
2 min readApr 14, 2019

A sweet short line of thinking in a micro tale.

Rent is due on the 3rd each month. Money is so thin. No such thing to me as discretionary funds.

I quit my job barbacking last night. Bar managers can be the worst to work for. Talk to you like you’re less than nothing. This basement apartment isn’t much and the price is right but if I don’t put up the monthly charge I’ll be sleeping in my car.

Two and a half weeks to get a second job. Doing drywall repair and construction during the day only pays so much. Not enough to cover expenses.

Car payment, credit card bills, rent and my ramen noodle diet barely leave room to afford a beer once a week.

Banks have a ton of money. The bank right off the highway looks promising and easy. No security.

I’ll make the rent and have money to spare. All my problems solved instantly.

These steel bars and shackles aren’t too harsh. At least I don’t have to pay the rent and the landlord won’t kick me out.

Prison Cell Slammer

Greg Prince

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