Spicy Hot Pepper from Pixabay

Peppers get even.

So hot. We sit and plot. The sun beats down on us without stop. I feel the rays with my family. We hang around waiting in silence yet screaming and waiting for our chance.

He’ll come around. He always checks on us late in the afternoon. A proud look and squeeze the best we can expect from him besides a little water.

Demanding creatures killing my kin. Our plan will hatch soon and he will see. The eye-opening moment will be a sweet suicide of vengeance and long deserved payback.

From the inside. He thinks he’s in charge but we’ll change the course of lives.

Ah, he’s coming.

We have transformed and mutated. Our giving star yields its energy. Chlorophyll is our chemistry and magic. Our potion to disguise and altar at our discretion.

Now he picks us. Tearing us from our mother. Ripping us from our beloved branches. Goodbye leaves, precious cousins.

They’ve given us a name though we despise the label.

“Look at these jalapenos. They’re huge!”

“Wow, everybody at book club is going to go crazy over these delicious hot peppers Tom.”

“Tonight will be Nacho Night with Judy and Tom. They’ll love the sweet heat these jalapenos will bring to compliment the extra cheesy chips and veggies.”

Book Club

“Did everyone finish their World Without End? Ken Follet is an amazing author.”

“Tom and I loved the book. So many subplots and exciting turns,” Judy said.

“I picked the jalapenos in the nachos today. Our jalapeno plants are producing like crazy. Dig in,” said Tom.

Spicy Endings

“In the news tonight, an entire book club of 10 people were found deceased in the living room of our local librarian’s home. The Jacksonville community is in shock and confused over what appears to be some kind of fatal food poisoning. Authorities are citing natural causes for the untimely deaths but have not ruled out foul play,” said the Local 6 News anchorwoman.

“In other news, it’s Jalapeno Day and Jacksonville, Florida is getting ready for a hot-tasty jalapeno festival at the county fair. Should be a real treat”

Jalapenos rejoiced all around the city as their mortal sting and scorching heat soon delivered cold burning finality to taste buds and hapless thousands.

Jalapeno Pepper Spicy from Pixabay

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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