Meteor Fire Comet from Pixabay

Journey of Change and Exploration

Greg Prince
2 min readMay 1, 2019

Riding the fire into a strange new world of possibility.

Riding this meteor is awesome. I’m so small. Hiding in the rocks is a fun way to bide time while traveling for millions of miles.

The minerals in the rock are delicious. The aminos transforming in me because of the intense heat burning in the center of my tiny ride are driving me wild with growth.

I sense the heat building. We are entering a new atmosphere. Screaming steam all around.

The explosion catapulted me at least 3 miles from where we hit. The comfort of the liquid covering my body is gratifying and healing.

Vibrant colors expanding in every direction. What is this place? Moving vegetation under the liquid with me. I am blossoming.

Light of a huge star close by warming me. It’s happening! Change to my organs. So wierd, to feel and sense the undulations of the surrounding liquid. I’m in a soupy jelly of foreign chemicals and gasses.

Becoming, developing, morphing.

Molten rock heating the liquid I rest in. The cracks in the ground near me are opening and swallowing up huge rocks and other creatures.

The flaps on my sides aid me in reaching shore. I feel my flaps beginning to molt. Feet will soon emerge. Walking on dryer rocks and sand over there will begin my new life on this young planet.

What wonders await? My imagination is aflame. Undying will is to keep mutating and explore.

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