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Liquid of Life

Greg Prince
2 min readMay 12, 2019


Thoughts about water.

Dripping, soaking, running free. We want, we want more and more, but dammit I want it chemical free. Flows in its magic always filling my cup so why don’t we all see.

The end lurks near. Without much we’ll be set parched. Should we have paid attention to those who marched?

Something was happening here. Young brave hearts speaking their minds. “Halt your indifferent ways and learn to conserve and save.” Many nations still drinking from muddy puddles. Who can say what is brave?

Will our governments and leaders bend the knee? With all their waste and puffed chest buffoonery. More interested in filling their pockets and patting themselves on the back than seeing to constituents real needs.

Revolution in spirit and mind must work to correct and fix our most vital nutrient before corruption takes its essence.

Drip, drip, drip us right out of existence.

Plastics killing and building in piles. Sealife choking on our waste floating in oceans and underneath extending miles and miles. Is there a way to look at these conditions and smile?

Water Tap from Pixabay

We want to turn on our faucets without being afraid to drink. We want to live in a world able to use our kitchen sink. Will we get cancer, will our skin melt, will tumors form on our lips just from having a sip?

How much death and suffering will convince guiding hands to part with old thinking and start a new drip?

Water, precious water we owe you an apology. From the ocean to every lake, pond, and sea. You are us and we are you. We are all together. About 60% of our make up to be quite true.

The world must hear. The sound must be clear. Water is our number one priority to clean and care for now and in coming years.

Join together right now in demanding action from ourselves and our leaders to cleanse our water and screw industry as well as all who would oppose working to save our most important resource.

Unless of course, we’re all okay being led down by a morbid pale horse.

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