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Love A Moo & Hug A Cow

Greg Prince
4 min readMar 12, 2019


Imagine cuddling with a cow to get some peace.

Turkeys mourn for their lost ones in the United States on Thanksgiving while cows are rejoicing. Hear a “Moooooo…” there’s a “Moooooo…” hug a “Mooooo” everywhere.

Farms in northern New York state are offering a special therapeutic treatment to alleviate stress. These farms provide a trained cow to lie down and cuddle with a person.

Hearing about this on the radio one morning intrigued me and I had a hearty laugh.

We laugh at things we don’t understand but sometimes things are hilarious.

I’m not knocking it or denying hugging a cow will help someone relieve stress but when I heard it costs $300 well that set off my belly-shaking chuckles alarm.

Animal supersenses.

Just as a dog can pick up on pheromones the claim is cows can too. Then, the benevolent, big-hearted bovine will show it’s empathy by lying on you.

A cow’s body temperature is slightly higher than a person’s and their heart rate is normally less than humans according to the therapist recommending this treatment.

So when you have this wonderful mass of divine moo on you then one has the opportunity to be centered, forget about worries, and feel calm. Think huge furry live blanket of musky love pouring out affection and empathy all over you.

It’s an awesome moment of mindfulness. Meditate on that. The proximity and closeness of one’s bovid life coach should definitely prompt a single focus on the now.

I gotta say I wouldn’t be thinking about anything else but the cow. Talk about in the present.

Cow Funny from Pixabay

The price of peace.

Each to their own on the path to stress relief. These farms also will provide a horse to smother you. Ground-hugging a horse doesn’t seem as much fun but who am I to judge.

In all this maybe there is forgetting about the tenets of mindfulness. It’s not my understanding to force one’s self to reach this place of mind. Rather, get there using focus and…



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