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M.I.L.K. Continued

Greg Prince
4 min readJun 11, 2019


The end of Chapter 1 and the beginning of Chapter 2.

I didn’t hear much of anything Roberta went on about. She ranted about all the “hub-bub” surrounding Stacey Nino.

“Wish I could teach that Stacey Nino a thing or two about being a mother,” Roberta said.

The gas nozzle handle clicked indicating my tank was full and that pinched me back into reality. I said, “Okay, Roberta nice talking to you. See you later.” Roberta realized she’d been cut off but didn’t give any homage to the snub and made a curt beeline to her pink Hummer.

“See you tomorrow,” was all Roberta said but I could tell she was annoyed with me by the way she rolled her eyes and growled a frown at me. Maybe my laugh caused Roberta to become angrier, she drove away squealing the tires of her pink gas-guzzler.

Who drives a pink Hummer anyway?

My thoughts drifted away to work. Being the project manager monitoring system performance for cell phone operations and other IT structures occupied a great deal of my daily thinking. Coordinating the engineers and getting WireStop, the company that hired me ten years ago, to fund all the projects in my territory required careful planning.

Today I had to review the schematics for a new cell tower configuration meant to eliminate dropped calls while handling a very high volume of cell transmission traffic.

Then there was getting my team of engineers to figure out all the bugs and having the plans accepted by WireStop. And, that was just the beginning of the operational puzzle to navigate through. Obtaining rights and permits from the cities and counties to install the new technology required time and patience.

I like working from home and making my own hours unless you consider my workload. Hour upon hour of telephone conferencing, loads of data entry, and tons of email conversations between excessive communities surrounding the completion of projects dictated my schedule.

Some would say I am compulsive or obsessive concerning accomplishing a goal once I begin working on any subject.

Pitbull was my nickname in college and I carried the tag into the United States Army. Through my three years at the University of Central Florida, everyone…



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