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M.I.L.K. Developing Onward

Greg Prince
4 min readJun 12, 2019


Some shirk mothering for selfish reasons.

The first year of taking care of Lacey was nothing but joy and feelings of compassionate love but suddenly Stacey felt she needed to get out of the house. She felt held back and imprisoned.

The last year she had been a saint and her parents thought she was a good mother even though they insisted she find a job. Stacey complied with her parents by getting a job at an all-night pizza joint a block away from TOTEM.

Helping to make pizzas, running the delivery phone, and checking customers out at the cash register gave Stacey a small feeling that she was doing something of value and getting back into the world but she felt a nagging, a tugging call to go dancing and drinking — to party again.

The temptation to go dancing and see friends at TOTEM became overwhelming one Saturday night and Stacey made plans to call in sick to work. It was easy lying to her parents and she left the house wearing normal work clothes.

Stacey packed a devilishly revealing black mini skirt and heels to go dancing in her car. The skirt would fit nicely over her tight shorts. She was a master at changing quickly in her car and removing her work clothes without exposing any skin worked too easy.

Her first night returning to TOTEM after a year felt like nirvana. Familiar bouncers and bartenders greeted Stacey like a homecoming queen. She partied and tasted the life every party-girl craves and missed since Lacey’s birth.

The next year disappeared like a shadow fading into the rapid descent of dusk. Stacey could not account for much except her small raises at the pizza restaurant and tons of partying. Stacey’s parents were raising her daughter.

It was common for Stacey to go to work six days a week from five in the afternoon until 3 A.M. so grandpa and grandma entertained and taught Lacey while mom was out. Many times Stacey didn’t return until noon the next day or was sleeping until early in the afternoon after a late night of work.

Stacey’s parents nor her daughter knew she was partying at TOTEM during a great deal of those ‘Work’ nights.




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