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M.I.L.K Goes On

Greg Prince
6 min readJun 14, 2019


(Chapter 2 continued and the beginning of Chapter 3.)

Rebecca said, “Mom, geez what’s got you so mad?” Her nine-year-old mentality was wrapped in a magazine about some boy band from England.

“Sorry, honey I was just watching another news report about Stacey Nino. I just can’t understand how a mother can not even act upset that her daughter was murdered. It seems like she’s relieved in some weird way.”

Paula responded to Rebecca in an adult like staccato without trying to hide how disturbed and offended she felt. Stacey Nino caused a welling up of emotion resonating very deeply within Paula.

She harbored a hidden, masked over hate for women, particularly mothers, manipulating situations to their benefit for selfish and apathetic reasoning.

Limelight Seduction

Perhaps for a reason,

perhaps for a season.

She smiles with cold venom,

licking at the blood to thin them.

She acts with plans long term,

she plants and sows rancid worms.

Laughing she takes the horn

and binds them with her scorn.

Gregory Prince ©


Chapter 3

Poisonous Teat

Apprehensive and Leery

Some say she’s wicked.
Some say she’s a bitch.
Other’s claim she’s ruthless, no one know’s which.
One lesson they’ve learned their respect she has earned
but ingrained in her family’s minds love for her has been burned.

Joanna screamed, “Goddammit Burton, I don’t care what you think. This is my condo and everything in it is mine, so everything in here is going to my children and you better get used to it.”


Burton Berman owned junk. He came to the waste management business through marriage and by fortune. Burton met an incredible woman in the early 1950s and the two became entranced in each other’s love the first moment they laid eyes…



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