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M.I.L.K. Races On

Greg Prince
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Chapter 3 continues with devious plotting and racecars.

Daytona Beach was a festive place to live. Mick relished in the inexpensive economy and lack of law enforcement the racing town employed.

He enjoyed a player’s lifestyle. It was the roaring 1920's. In New York, hustling for extra dollars doing odd jobs and working at his father’s clothing shop supported Mick’s philandering and nightclub lifestyle. Here, in Florida, the atmosphere changed drastically from his Northern routine.

Quickly Mick decided the money he had in his pockets, he left from Manhattan with, would not last long so he found an enterprise to aid him in keeping his playboy standard of living. Fortune smiled upon Mick early on the first couple of days he spent in Daytona Beach.

Car races were being held on the World’s Most Famous Beach. Mick met a man named Fred Duesenberg. He wanted Mick to speed one of his Model X Duesenberg models down the 23-mile beach course in an upcoming race.

Fred Duesenberg was an auto engineer and not quite as adept socially as Mick was. With a silver tongue and a wit to match Fred was no contest for Mick’s rationale.

Mick said, “I deserve to be paid top dollar if I win the race and bring fame and notoriety to the Duesenberg Inc. automobile company.” The two came to a remarkably quick and lucrative agreement.

Mick negotiated for full ownership of the Model X Duesenberg as well $200 as an endorsement fee. Fred Duesenberg planned to benefit from the winning of the race, his car’s noted superiority, and Mick’s acknowledgments in racing magazines, local newspapers, and national radio interviews. Terms were set and both parties were satisfied.

The stage was set and Mick set out to win the race on the sunny, hot summer day featured at The World’s Most Famous Beach.

Five cars entered the race to run from Ormond Beach, through Daytona Beach, to Ponce Inlet where the cars were to make a U-Turn and head back to just north of the Daytona Beach Pier finish line. Mick thought he would most likely win because the Model X was a fast car but he needed insurance.

The proposition to fix the race by paying off the other drivers crossed his mind however Mick was new in town and didn’t know…



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