Make More Money — How to Make Your Medium Stories Into a No-Face YouTube Channel For Free!

Do you want an easy method to begin a new revenue stream with a video editor that requires little effort and will turn into passive income?

Greg Prince
5 min readAug 31, 2022


Partner Program got you down. Reads not paying what they used to. There is another way to get your words out there in front of a potentially huge audience.

Unlike the clickbait artists, who claim you’ll make $ thousands a week or every month, my purpose is to give you real hope and expectations. The gist is you can use all your Medium stories or other writing to make YouTube videos.

I started my first story channel and posted my first video yesterday.

Crazy Tales 2 To Go YouTube Channel: Graphic by Gregory Prince

I’m not a YouTube millionaire yet but the project was fantastically fun. My idea is to get people to listen to my stories and perhaps view them whenever they want. Sort of like Audible on Amazon but with videos that match the story.

Making The Video

You see the so-called experts telling you it will only take you 5 or 10 minutes to put this all together and slam it on YouTube. Then, with good SEO tags and promoting your…



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