By Fré Sonneveld

Making a Crypto World

Greg Prince
3 min readMar 15, 2019


Immutability and the ability to erase fake news and lies.

Utilize blockchain to record every political move, policy, and word spoken would revolutionize governments as we know them.

Having investigated the crypto world for almost two years, done some learning with coding using Solidity and Java, played with investing in ICOs as well as established crypto companies I feel that I have some understanding of crypto and blockchain.

We need blockchain to invade the political scene everywhere immediately!

Entire speeches recorded as transactions, interactions between lawmakers digitally preserved forever, agreements etched in permanent memory; This revolution could destroy doubletalk.

Is there anything in this world for a public representative that should be private and not documented for any eye to see forever? Hell to the no.

All votes should definitely be preserved using the blockchain protocol. Protests and questions of vote counts would disappear.

Ludicrous talk from greasy politicians denying they said or meant something they didn’t could be easily laughed at for lack of veracity. Standards may rise to a level unheard or never seen before.

This may be a grandiose vision and bordering on lunatic utopian madness.



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