Migrants Treated Like Cattle By Florida and Texas Governors

Unacceptable stunts committed by politicians confirm and reveal the horrible and true nature of cut-throat disregard for human rights.

Greg Prince
3 min readSep 15, 2022


Migration Integration Migrants from Pixabay

Can you imagine you or your family being shipped, like livestock or a parcel, for the sake of a politician or ideal? To stoke fears? To pander to xenophobic mindsets in order to gain votes and enrage?

Political chess is brutal and inhumane.

Yesterday, Wednesday, September 14 around 50 migrants from Venezuela were herded onto a plane in San Antonio, Texas then flown to Florida, made a stop in South Carolina, and then finished their flight in Martha’s Vinyard, Mass. The governors and governments of Florida and Texas gave no information or request for approval to the state of Massachusetts.

The transport was done in secret until the migrants arrived at Martha’s Vinyard. Migrants were told they were going to Boston. Many promises were made to the bewildered migrants. They did not understand why they were being transported.

A spokesperson for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made a statement. Here is a defining segment of the statement: “States like Massachusetts, New York, and California will better facilitate the care of these individuals who they have invited into our country by incentivizing illegal immigration.”

This is Unacceptable Spin.

This reads like, ‘Here, they’re you’re problem now.’ These migrants, people are not a problem. They are people seeking a new and better life. Often escaping extreme poverty and violence. They deserve our love and welcome.

Those that argue against accepting migrants forget their past. Except for the indigenous people of North America, all in the United States descend from migrants or immigrants. Those opposed have no concept of the suffering, trials, and tribulations migrants have lived through.

Many United States citizens have a privileged existence that walls them against relating to any other’s existence beyond their own. Their level of entitlement knows no restraint.



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