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Mixed Messaging Unblessing

Greg Prince
2 min readApr 15, 2019


A microfiction about devices affecting kids in social settings and emotions.

Laughter and smiles are the best with friends. Some texts don’t make sense to me. What are they talking about? Why is this happening to me?

Makes me feel sad. We’ve been friends since kindergarten. Illiana and I share about all are favs, music, dances, movies, apps. Why is she group texting about going to some birthday party with Lisa?

First time I hear about this is on my Pod and I’m not included. Lisa and I go way back to first grade and she’s not messaging me about the party either.

This sucks. Third grade is getting so crazy. So many convos and texts. Now, I’m not even in the loop in my own group.

I’m telling my dad but how will he understand? He doesn’t know how I feel. How can he? They didn’t even have Pods when he went to school forever ago.

Crying on his chest I explain it to him, how I feel left out. Not part of my best friends’ plans. Dad keeps saying it’s okay and hugging me.

Dad says, “Jenna, people choose to make play dates with each other sometimes without including everyone. Your friends aren’t trying to hurt you. They most likely are just excited to go to a party.”

Why did they have to write it in a text right in front of me? Why?!

I found out Dad texted Illiana’s Mom. Illiana’s mom just texted me. Surprised me. She told me Illiana didn’t know her texts would upset me and make me feel left out.

Illiana just texted me too. Lisa joined in. They told me they didn’t think I’d care because I am going to the Universal Studios amusement park the same day. I forgot I told them about my family vacation day.

My heart feels better. Have to remember not to worry about what I see on my Pod too much.

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