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Earth’s partner keeps on giving.

“My estimates are correct!” Elizabeth said. NASA’s lead astrophysicist explained her position to herself. “The Moon will lose its ability to rotate soon due to the friction of opposing gravity. Then its orbit will fail. The Moon will fall into the Earth.”

Her comments were not lost on the other scientist in nearby offices. Doctor Elizabeth Kinley directed a small dedicated staff. Their offices were close by and if one spoke loudly everyone with an open door could hear.

Elizabeth’s figures predicted the moon’s trajectory aimed directly at Asia. Russia to India and everything in between. Total devastation. The impact to Earth might knock the planet out of its solar orbit.

Thoughts revolving around the total loss of life circled through her mind. Global atmospheric disruption and obliteration unlike anything imagined or ever seen.

Five scientists stood silent around Elizabeth digesting her news. Her calculations were drawn and displayed across her desk.

Time was running out.

“I don’t think we should tell the President or anyone else for that matter,” Elizabeth said.

Dr. William Butters questioned her assertion. “I think it’s our duty to report this immediately. The consequences of our silence could be catastrophic.”

“The real catastrophe is imminent. Within the next hour, our Moon will begin to be drawn into our planet. All will be lost. Let's allow the world to live without this last terror.”

“We have to…”

Elizabeth pulled out a government-issued 45 caliber pistol and shot Dr. Butters in the forehead.

The four remaining scientists still standing around Elizabeth’s desk remained oddly calm.

“Well, he’s one less thing we have to worry about. I believe we should all enjoy each other’s company and relax for the next couple of hours.”

“Isn’t there a chance frictional forces of opposing gravities between the Earth and Moon will bounce the Moon around the Earth?” Asked Dr. Susan Brentley.

“I don’t see how it’s possible. The Earth’s pull is too great. The math bears it out.” Elizabeth’s mind was made up.

The Moon Began to Dance

The fall of shadows loomed above.

Vlad thought Mosco summer nights were spectacular. The Moon looked larger and larger every minute. The last hour’s display made him eager to find out how much he could see of the lunar surface without a telescope.

He couldn’t wait for sharing time at school tomorrow. Elementary school fun.

Mom told him he had to be asleep but Vlad couldn’t keep his eyes shut. The Moon was so amazing and big.

Suddenly it started to vibrate and jig in small trembles. The moon began to boogie. Closer and Closer. Vlad felt the ground shake. Then his house and the world around him violently wobbled. The street cracked and opened.

Reaching to the sky, Vlad believed he could touch the Moon then it ripped away and shot into space. Where did it go?

Mistaken conclusions

Elizabeth considered how known concepts of physics lacked perfection. Her calculations were correct but the Moon did not obey the rules. Gravity did not follow her advanced math.

“So, it is possible the great Dr. Elizabeth Kinley can be mistaken.”

“Yes, I suppose other factors play into the Moon’s behavior. Where did it go? All satellites are dysfunctional. Without the Moon’s gravity, our own solar orbit will be disrupted.”

The next moment answered all questions as to the Moon’s whereabouts. The crash destroyed the North American continent.

Russian scientists caught a brief glimpse of the huge rock screaming at the Earth. Their satellites functioned for two minutes before the tremendous impact.

The Moon bounced out from the Earth’s outer atmosphere and began to wobble out into space before slingshotting back. Earth’s gravity became Earth’s enemy.

Life on Earth retreated underground that day to never return to the surface.

Dancing with the moon is lethal.

Dancing Couple Full Moon from Pixabay

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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