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Moonlit Call

Greg Prince
1 min readFeb 5, 2019


Return to beginnings and onward.

Baby come with me.
To the see.
The see of being.
The see of free.

Come on howl with me
Let’s howl.

Let’s crawl, through the weeds.
Let’s walk, through the tides.
Until we run.

Open our arms.
Embrace the sky.
Welcome the sun.

Let’s crawl into a new beginning.
Until we’re here.

Open our hearts.
and, then into the fields of love.
we’ll run.

Come on howl with me
Let’s howl.

So baby come with me
Oh, don’t you see
What’s been happenin’
to you and me.

Come on baby let’s crawl.
Crawl with me.

New and empty.
Full of life you’ll see.
Come on baby, let’s crawl.

Don’t you see?
Take my hand.
Let’s join together.
Let’s crawl and be free.

Come on and howl with me

Let’s howl!

You can find me performing this song for the first time here. Please respect my rights of ownership to these lyrics and performance.

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash



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