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No End To Beginning

Greg Prince
2 min readApr 2, 2019


And it was and is and will be.

Erupting, spinning, spreading, thinning-

MY is wholly separate, MY is a burst unsame, My is floating out-

Crying in a lonely sea, multitudinous presence crowding around and near me.
I search.
The fields are filled, a zillion zillion seeds are planted.
You are there, we all are here.
Beyond our thoughts.
Beyond our spheres.
I crash on, into, and with fragment bits of frothy effervescence.

MY is wholly given, MY is a bubbling unbuilding, MY is a reconstruction-

Cannot see, cannot hear, cannot feel-

Who and what can I join? In a soup suspended and charged single brilliance rises.
Raging blaze sparkles in a ball glowing in the empty. Darkness finds no place to hide around us. Light filling void and endless murk.
What chaos is this unleashed?
Where will it lead?
The end is new beginning and out again reaching and extending.
Mind is gone, will is growing, strands are forming, cosmic breeze is blowing, design is attaching, reshaping, bending.

MY is wholly yours, MY is a beaten undifferent, MY is a dissipation-

Growing now, emerging in light.
WE are the culmination.
Purpose calling we follow each in our own steps giving to its reason.
The magnet drawing our actions without knowing us or caring but to fulfill its cause.
Thankful, every atom of being. Grateful, existing to love and be a part.

Entropy giving and taking, engineering and expanding.

Only by love and understanding each other by and through giving without relying on comparing ourselves to an imperfect image can we grow as an international society and world.

Cling to no faith that separates and diminishes or condemns. Arrange consciousness by empathy and calm deliberate seeking to better self and the circles of need within personal ability.

Grow into a roll of being spreading your energy as the universe, proliferate.

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