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Only Thing You Have To Do is Breathe

Greg Prince
4 min readDec 2, 2018


How to change your truth about essential living and what is really required in life.

I frequently hear, “You have to do this,” or “You have to do that.” Any statement like this is false because the fact is one doesn’t have to do anything except take in oxygen and exhale soon after. That is the truth.

Preposterous! Outrageous! How can I possibly make such a claim?

The initial premise here is a slight bit overstated because one must drink a little water and eat a tiny bit of food to sustain life. However, it is possible to go for some time without food or water and still live.

It’s high time if you haven’t thought about it, to get rid of absolutes in our thinking and speech.

“Have to…” is a bad phrase and I have made the mistake of saying something like that approximately a million times. For a few years, I have eliminated this phrase from my speech and it makes a huge difference in my thinking and perceptions of everything.

The underlying principle here is choice. Consequences due to the choices we make are the target for understanding the ‘Must’ or ‘Have to…’ and it is our awareness of the programming in our thinking needing to be examined.

I think we can look to young children for the beginning of the answer.

There, in our inner child and real being, we see the most important word concerning our use of absolutes.


Do you have to obey the speed limits on the road? Do you have to have a coffee first thing in the morning? Do you have to check your phone 100 times a day?

What happens if you don’t do these things? Is there a difference between the need to and want to?

The time is now to alter perception and get rid of the shackles regarding some of our imperatives. Of course, this requires being careful to weigh out the results of our decisions in disregarding any “I have to…” guiding our actions.

Examine thy self.



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