Heart Love Wood Boards from Pixabay

Forget a feeling its who I’m being to, for and with you.

Honey I see you.
Smile dancing in the light.
Honey I see you.
Gonna make everything alright.

Walk on my spine.
It’s there for you.
Hold you up through storms and blues.
I’m there for you.

Waiting for the world to end every day.
No time to waste we’re going to make our play.
Flowers bloom with giggles and laughs.
We’ll find a way to make sweetness last.

Honey I see you.
Little bumps bring tears but we’ll make it through.
Honey I see you.
Your heart and warmth show me truth.

Can there be anything more?
See you smile within, makes my heart soar.
Know there’s one way to get things right.
To love you with all my soul and might.

So when the sun don’t shine and the birds don’t sing:
Just remember one small thing.
My back is broad and my strength reaches for you.
Nothing better I could ever do.

Honey I see you.

Binoculars Search See from Pixabay

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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