Poop — Most Important Thing In Life

Greg Prince
2 min readOct 27, 2018

The real scoop!

Most say it’s love but I say that’s bull. You know it’s true when you can’t resist that pull.

Rough Times.

When the time is urgent no matter what else may occur one must rush to the throne to avoid the absurd. Impossible to ignore and unforgiving in its wrath the urge must be dealt with and purged from its path.


Poop can interrupt absolutely any event and when it’s ready don’t dare to take too long and try to prevent. Love making and desires are no match. I’m telling you, friend, it is unwise to put off dealing with this itch. The most intelligent will agree the best option is to solve a possible glitch.

And if you disagree, well that’s quite fine but I’d hate to see you delaying the grind and wind up with stained garments no one should find.

No matter the place, no matter the person poop can’t be ignored and it must be given its honor despite any aversion.

Poop is a miracle taking precedence over all. Thinking and reason will bow when it must fall.

Often even though most would not like to admit their greatest ideas appear when they are taking a shit. Some look at their phone and some read a book and one may be writing but hopefully, here no one cooks.

Yes, you may think there are many more things more important than poop but I challenge you to tell me one thing that trumps this function. Our minds and body take great effort in this mighty bowel junction.

Please don’t dismiss this idea as just waste. Can you think of any substance with which we attribute so many good and bad tastes? People, politics, reviews of every kind, emojis, and more given a stamp of poop to hate and adore.

Universally accepted it transcends race, religion, and creed; it fuels the world, poop is always in need.

To conclude let’s be honest and true poop is number 1 and not number two. Give poop respect and justice because we all know it rules. If you don’t, well that’s your choice until poop makes you its fool.

Greg Prince

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.