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Powerlifting Training Update #1

An ongoing view of my athletic pursuit.

I am training to compete in a powerlifting competition in about 5 months. Providing a look and insights into my training will be a fun and informative weekly open journal. (I’m 48 years old and will compete in the Masters age category)

You can find the prelude to this update here:


My body needs to be ready to handle heavy weights and brutal stress in order to perform max lifting efforts for competition. The squat, the bench press, and the deadlift are tested for maximum effort. Three attempts at each of the 3 lifts will be performed in front of judges and an audience.

Often, there are 50 to 100 lifters in a powerlifting competition falling into many different weight categories and divided by female or male designations. A contest may go on for 6 hours getting through all the equipment changes, introductions, and attempts.

(Although I have been at a contest that lasted 12 hours of grueling waiting and energy balancing madness.)

Powerlifters are warming up before their attempts. Then there is the award ceremony at the end. It’s an all-day athletic event.

The highest weight or best lift in each category is kept as a lifter’s entry and held both individually as well as in a cumulative total for top performance rank to place in the competition. All out effort for attempts and total is the goal.

I will continue for the next 3 months to do basic and correctly performed lifting before going into a more intense powerlifting style training.

Here is my basic routine which lasts roughly 1 hour four days a week:

Overhead Presses: (done for overall body strength-not a powerlift)
1 set x 12 reps x 45 lbs bar
2 sets x progressively heavier weight warming up
2 sets x even heavier weight for 3 reps.

1 set x 135 lbs x 10
1 set x 225 lbs x 5
1 set x 315 lbs x 3
2 sets x heavier weight (progressively heavier each week).

Bench Press: (varied hand positions and pauses on chest interspersed)
1 set x 135 lbs x 6
3 sets x progressively heavier weight x 3 reps
1–2 sets maximum weight for 3 reps.

1 set x 135 lbs x 5 reps
1 set x 225 lbs x 5 reps
1 set x 315 lbs x 3 reps
2 sets x progressively heavier weight x 3 reps

Here is last nights (Saturday 3/30/19) squatting with 445 lbs for 3 reps:

Squat Training 445 lbs from Gregory Prince

My max close grip pause bench using extra thick rubber grips on the bench was 215 lbs x 3 reps and I did light deadlifts using only a max weight of 315 lbs for 3 reps.

My bench press is very low weight right now due to injuries recurring from a torn biceps ligament in my right arm but I’m working around the issue. I vary heavy days with lighter poundage lifting days for the deadlift and squat.

On To The Next One

During the lifting session, I consumed a protein shake having 50 gms of protein and drank nearly a liter of water. Taking in protein during the lifting provides muscles with aminos they need and feeds growth.

It is good to drink small gulps of protein between lifting sets and is preferable to drinking the whole protein shake following training. Drinking the whole shake at once after lifting leaves me bloated and uncomfortable. Many years of trial have backed this discovery.

I used muscle pulse therapy for 2 hours following training. Targetted areas in my lower back, hips, hamstrings, and quadriceps benefitted greatly. Several grams of Tumeric were consumed after lifting along with a meal an hour later.

Upon waking, every morning, I go through a series of mobility exercises which aid in muscle recovery and get me ready for activity. I will share my mobility routine in the near future. Performing the morning mobility ritual has aided me greatly for at least 15 years.

Stay tuned for more liting and progression to come toward my next powerlifting competition.

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