Question of Matrimony

Greg Prince
7 min readDec 15, 2018


Unbound fidelity and the measure of dedication erasing doubt.

Sitting there in the glass booth my future, fears, triumphs, and dreams of a family gleamed and called to me with a with a golden beckoning shout. I barely had enough money to buy groceries this week so getting the rings was just a fantasy.

I had to find a way.

My girl Lizbeth hinted last week he needed things between us to, “Go somewhere,” implying marriage. He wasn’t going to just waste time on a relationship without, “Serious commitment.”

The way he gave me the underlying imperative and his attitude made me think he may need to be committed. But, I wasn’t about to get the straightjacket out yet.

My feelings for Lizbeth were strong but I don’t know if love was in my heart.

Definitely not in love.

Constraints of owning a business weigh heavy on a couple.

I own Guerilla Moves, a gym catering directly to the LGBTQ community. I advertise and promote at the fantastic nightclubs around Boystown in Chicago. My favorite haunt, Hydrate Nightclub Chicago!, sent me tons of gym members.

Boystown is a somewhat safe place we can be who we are.

At Guerilla Moves we train individuals who are serious about their fitness.

Photo by Meghan Holmes on Unsplash

We do innovative dance classes and CrossFit programs getting our people toned and fit.

The latest hit was a 45-minute Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness class getting everyone involved jazzed with the whacky moves and exhausting intensity.

We like to stay at the forefront of the fitness crazes and excite our gym attendees.

Best jewelry around.

My favorite spot to shop for fabulous rings and bracelets was and always has been Inkling because they carry the oddest, coolest, unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else. The store is right at 2917 1/2 N Broadway which is close to our gym.



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