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Refreshing Your Earning Page Madness Breather!

Greg Prince
2 min readMay 29, 2019


Getting eyes unglued and renewed.

The day has come and we’re all on the run. Look out, look out don’t get caught— we’re gunnin’ for that number one spot.

We’ve been spinning our wheels the last month and writing up a storm. We’re hoping the remuneration will help buoy our writing motivation and keep it warm.

Kick it into action. Refresh. Turn the wheel. Make the arrow spin in a whirl. Keep it new. Keep it real.

Waiting on the edge. Standing on my seat. Making fresh ideas but nothing is complete. Focus in the sky with money in my thoughts riding on a cloud while eager for cool rains to break income clots.

Look away, look away…find breath in comfort or respite. Chill in a master’s book or take delight in peaceful quiet. A cup of coffee or a tea spicing up lonely yields, the input gets turned off for a moment and we smooth out in luscious happy fields.

Take a turn from a different page and jam to a tune. Get up shake your dance and crazy sway to change the scene and fill your mind with smiley balloons.

Can’t watch the clock tick. Can’t stand to be on a string. The Puppeteer’s power taken away if we’ll cling to the passion in our writing bling. Stay true and be not so concerned about the earnings but concentrate on the next write and letter turned.

Revenue we’ll get and earn from doing what we love and what we’ve learned. Each month our privilege so sweet so let’s stay bitten.

Check with your muse, compose, invent and get more written!

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