Freedom Break Handcuffs from Pixabay

Reignition From The Pit


Breaking free from shackles and darkness.

Who can replace the fire?

Who can replace the light?

Bring back the shadow of my youth. Bring back my reason to fight.

Taken my right to grieve.
Forgotten tears take leave.
I was raped so to lose time.
You cut away my spirit’s sublime.

No sky to look up to.
No open arms help me grow.
Yet, I’m free inside the label on my back.
You keep watching, forever on my track.

No charms can hold me still.
No secrets left to spill.
Yet remain the walls, fears to break.
You retain, imprison for my sake?

Who can replace the flame?
Who can replace the spark?
Bring back the outline of my youth.
Bring back my want to fight.

Resplendid flame, I begin.
Push behind the patterned sin.
Foraging fast forests of pain.
You I hate, thankful in disdain.

Replacing sorrow in my soul.
Shoving indifference deep below.
Searching stinging seas of past.
You holding on silent and vast.

Regaining reign in me again.
Thrusting forward, children grin.
Found forgiven content and alive.
You have given me renewed drive.

Spark replaced blasting new.
Dawning sparkle glaring eyes loose.
Returned dreams growing thought.
Starting to feel again.

What I’ve sought.

Chain Broken from Pixabay



Greg Prince

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.