Raccoon Wildlife from Pixabay

A raccoon’s last journey.

Moon catches my eye.
Glint and fever of raw wafting toward me.
i can’t deny.
Power in the scent.
Power in desire.
Crawling delicious snatches at my tongue.
Is it a lie?
Wild frenzy catches tickles along my spine.

Flashes zipping by, i sense death.
Where does my reason fly?
Along the crescent slice in the sky.

Monsters rushing, they block my way.
Get to my meal pulling me, the call so sly.
How to cross grumbling giants so fast and loud.
To make the journey, i must be proud.

Odor so attractive, am unable to resist.
My fur stands ready, alert.
Clean i my paws again and again.
Unnoticed in the darkness.
Courage building to beat the shiny wheels which spin.
Tender crawling rare aroma assaulting my every sniff.

Blending with the path ahead to cross.
My colors give me the edge.
Can’t be seen so i wait for my chance.

Go, go, go…
Powerful quick legs.
These sharp nails give me strong springs to leap.
The wheels have passed.
Passage across clear.
Sprint i and feel the wind my friend brush my side.

Two monster eyes so bright alive.
Here they come.
Shine spills over a cruel mouth coming at me in fury.
i might make to the middle of the way if i hurry.

Round foot finds my back.
So heavy and brutal.
Then another giant roll crushing my body whole.

Meaty fragrance carries to me again.
Fading fast my dreams, eating fresh kill.

My eyes closing for good.
Memory of the savory aroma my last thrill.

Raccoon Rocket Raccoon from Pixabay

(In response to Christina Ward’s challenge to write from the perspective of an animal.)

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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