Sittin’ On The Dock of the Day — Thanksgiving

Greg Prince
3 min readNov 22, 2018

Think of not thinking about anything but being thankful and present.

Photo by Artur Łuczka on Unsplash

The beauty of bright shimmering feathers. The boldness of a puffed out chest and fanned tail. The stuttered walk and run of a cocky pheasant.

Look at this majestic bird. The regal bald blue head and draping red wattle. Heck, it might be a mutant. Let’s eat it.

Let’s give a little shout out to Mexico and their ancestors of pre-Columbian Meso-America for giving us domesticated turkeys. With all the rambling in the United States these days about how terrible immigrants are from those areas we might appreciate them a bit more.

Let’s consider how, arguably, our most American holiday Thanksgiving celebrates its most precious tradition, eating the turkey, is a direct product of the incredible peoples from Central America.

Back to the gobblers.

Faces are arriving you haven’t seen in some time. Faces that may have pasts associated with unpleasant memories. So what. For the moment let the past remain the past. It’s time to compartmentalize.

Fake it till you make it today.

I may be offended uncle Bob thinks global warming is a hoax and the fact parts of Miami are under water all the time is just a liberal fake news story but today we both can both put that aside and just be family.

Every political belief doesn’t have to be voiced or heard.

In fact, political beliefs and religion are topics best avoided at family and friend gatherings; besides, thousands of happy things to discuss for hours exist.

Here is a list of subjects to rant and rave about for smiles and fun:

  • The smell of baking brownies.
  • Delicious turkey recipes.
  • An embarrassing funny moment.
  • Beautiful sunsets.
  • The great weather.
  • Donald Trump’s hair(even Republicans and/or Trump supporters will laugh).
  • Flowers.
  • Baking bread.
  • Growing your own vegetables.
  • Chocolate!
  • Yummy cheese.
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