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Soaking In Alien Gook and Gunk

Greg Prince
4 min readMay 9, 2019


The funk of becoming.

My hands are so soft today, thought Micheal. It’s like I’m melting. It’s 105° degrees Fahrenheit with the heat index figured in. Everybody in the park must feel like they’re turning to mush.

He shouted, “What the hell?”

Micheal pulled his left hand from the top wood beam of the painted green park bench. Splotches of his skin tore from his palm. He looked around but no one paid him any attention.

“People must be used to strange outbursts or too occupied to care about a nut like me screaming out,” he murmured.

Micheal rushed to his car and carefully scooched in grabbing everything by using the bottom of his t-shirt to buffer contact. The shirt’s nylon material prevented his skin from sticking to objects.

Feeling suddenly exhausted and confused, Micheal barely had the energy to google peeling skin conditions. He began to feel extremely hot. His search didn’t bring any satisfactory answers about his palms suddenly getting smooshy and shedding skin.

Nothing mattered.

His entire body smoldered and glowed a fiery red. Micheal’s apartment began to fill with a thin haze of singed meat odor and thin smoke. The heat felt comforting yet beyond natural as he knew it.

Like oozing, itching lava.

“Shower, shower,” began repeating in his thoughts.

Fatigued sleepiness crept in each step he walked toward the bathroom. Turning on the faucet became an effort akin to lifting a thousand pounds but he managed to get the cold water blasting over his naked roasting form.

His clothes had fried away.

Sitting in the tub felt right. The cold water dropped on him like a crushing waterfall. Dissonant thoughts barraged him. The shower is not so strong.

“Why do I feel so weird?”




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