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Soaking In Alien Gook and Gunk

The funk of becoming.

My hands are so soft today, thought Micheal. It’s like I’m melting. It’s 105° degrees Fahrenheit with the heat index figured in. Everybody in the park must feel like they’re turning to mush.

He shouted, “What the hell?”

Micheal pulled his left hand from the top wood beam of the painted green park bench. Splotches of his skin tore from his palm. He looked around but no one paid him any attention.

“People must be used to strange outbursts or too occupied to care about a nut like me screaming out,” he murmured.

Micheal rushed to his car and carefully scooched in grabbing everything by using the bottom of his t-shirt to buffer contact. The shirt’s nylon material prevented his skin from sticking to objects.

Feeling suddenly exhausted and confused, Micheal barely had the energy to google peeling skin conditions. He began to feel extremely hot. His search didn’t bring any satisfactory answers about his palms suddenly getting smooshy and shedding skin.

Nothing mattered.

His entire body smoldered and glowed a fiery red. Micheal’s apartment began to fill with a thin haze of singed meat odor and thin smoke. The heat felt comforting yet beyond natural as he knew it.

Like oozing, itching lava.

“Shower, shower,” began repeating in his thoughts.

Fatigued sleepiness crept in each step he walked toward the bathroom. Turning on the faucet became an effort akin to lifting a thousand pounds but he managed to get the cold water blasting over his naked roasting form.

His clothes had fried away.

Sitting in the tub felt right. The cold water dropped on him like a crushing waterfall. Dissonant thoughts barraged him. The shower is not so strong.

“Why do I feel so weird?”

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He didn’t notice the secretions leaking and dribbling from his eyes, ears, and nose. Rushing cold water covered his body heat and masked his dulled senses.

Orange discharged goo formed a mat under and around him. Micheal held himself tightly clutching his arms around his legs and pulling himself into a compact ball.

Gook after gunk built layer and layer of funk around him. He lost consciousness minutes after sitting down.

Solidly encased in an orange egg of transformation Micheal mutated into more than Micheal. In scope, the process contained a tiny nuclear reaction. His egg shielded all else from contamination.

Three hours in the shower passed.

He heard his phone ringing.

Waking up inside a veiny orange shell touched him in spasms of fear and choking convulsions. He thrashed violently shooting legs and arms wildly about.

The egg cracked and peeled like a hard-boiled chicken egg. Michael burst through the light film around his body. The phone kept ringing.

He reached out his right hand and grabbed his phone from the toilet seat top.

“Hello, son. You all right?”

“Not sure.”

“I knew it was time.”

“Dad, what the hell are you talking about?”

“It happened, right?”

“Something happened. I’m confused.”

“Your Mom said your changeover would occur today around this time. Her predictions based on exact math way beyond me.”

“I don’t remember her.”

“Let’s not get into that right now. She’s light years away.”

“What does that mean, somewhere in Italy?”

“No, you’ll understand as soon as you look in the mirror.”

Micheal stood up and looked at himself in the wide mirror over the bathroom sink. His shock and disbelief filled the bathroom in silent horror.

The orange creature looking back at him resembled a huge orange knobby cucumber with grotesquely large red veins and lumps covering every inch of skin. He no longer had a sex organ or means of discharge. Only a pin-hole mouth, no teeth and two very gelatinous black orbs for eyes.

Micheal heard and sensed everything through his skin. His slimy arms looked like worms but retained an odd solid feel of superior strength.

“Micheal, are you there?”

He spoke but the mouth thing didn’t move or seem to emit sound.

“Dad, what the fu…..”

“Everything will be okay son. I’ll drive over in a few minutes. Can’t wait to see the college campus again. Your 21st birthday is full of surprises, isn’t it?”

Micheal was just a tag for the new creature in the mirror. He wasn’t a he any more or had he ever been? An implanted inner knowledge began to spring in Micheal.

A method for masking himself with the appearance of his human form resided in Micheal’s advanced mental capabilities. Their body could give birth and impregnate.

One day he knew his mother would return and take Micheal to a distant galaxy. The tendrils of a mental connection linked their minds over billions of miles.

New possibilities of unfathomable discovery lay before Micheal in breathtaking wonder!

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(Side note here. This story is pure imagination and in no way is about or in reference to any individual, sexuality, or preference in sexual being. I only mean to entertain.)

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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