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Someone Is Stealing My Story — Stealing M.I.L.K.

Greg Prince
3 min readJul 4, 2019


How I’m dealing with being robbed and working on fixing the problem.

All at once the stabbing and turning of the knife revealed itself. The pain and shock gritted on me yet a kernel of pride welled in my gut. My story, my creation copied word for word and published on a site I never heard of.

I never gave any permission for my story to be displayed on any site besides Medium. No reference to an author, no name just my exact words. They even used the same picture I used from Pixabay to headline the story.

A tiny pin of ego gloried for a brief moment. My story’s thief thought it was good enough to steal and put on their site. However, the hidden compliment didn’t assuage my anger for very long.

Deciding to cancel the M.I.L.K Build A Book publication here on Medium and stop publishing my story here took consideration. I thought sharing my creation would give me insights about my writing and a chance to learn from reader’s comments.

Initial results were great but then I received a remark from one reader who found my topic revolting. Of course, I knew not everyone will agree with the subject.

Reviewing my feelings on whether or not to allow anyone to attempt to delegate or direct how I create, I found myself in direct opposition to allowing such an opening.

It’s mine to decide the direction for my stories and all actions in life.

With my story being stolen and comments made not representing my story in the sense of the subject matter I removed the publication. Lesson learned.

Finding other commentaries on FaceBook revealed several Medium members stating they would not read a novel or book in parts and pieces presented on Medium. While I greatly appreciated those who took the time to read M.I.L.K there were not many.

Presenting the story in small segments did not grow a following.

Thanks to all who read the beginning of M.I.L.K. I will continue to write the book and when it’s ready to publish make an announcement on Medium.

A good friend from here on Medium Natalie Frank, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)pointed me to a legal form to send to the site stealing my writing. I…



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