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Spread Of Haunting Dread

An unlikely warrior and solution arise.

Sunsets bring on great worries. Shadows hunting for fresh kills and infections to spread. A thirteen-year-old girl should never have to face these kinds of threats but I have no choice.

Growing up fast, too fast — practically overnight — takes me to a dark savage place I didn’t know existed inside me.

Ravaged and sick are roaming the streets. The heat and glaring sunlight beam too strong for them in our Florida streets. So, they only come out at night.

My family is dead. I don’t like to say their name because it brings back too many memories. Every recall means me falling apart, destroyed by my loss.

Why does it have to be me? How many of us are immune to the disease. The final radio news flashes informed us of the coming plague. Funny how the recorded warnings came after infection already consumed so many.

Lucky for me I figured out how to drive the family car. Grandpa’s house gave me little refuge. Pa-Pa and Grandma died early. The plague ate the elderly for a quick snack.

Pa-Pa has guns. He never let me handle the AK-47 or his 9mm pistol but he showed me how to load them and let me watch him shoot a target. We only shared gun lessons a few times but I remember everything, like watching a movie in my mind.

The sick roam from house to house looking for food or pain killers. I fought my way out shooting 3 people tonight. There’s no end to self-defense and dropping the crazed drooling contaminations.

Thank goodness Pa-Pa stored plenty of ammunition. I just had time to load the car with all his stock. Took his combat knives too. The streets are a war zone.

One hundred days have passed. I haven’t seen another person anywhere like me, not sick or dying.

Only dry food is safe to eat. Abandoned supermarkets provide easy sources to grab meals. But, stale cereal and tortilla chips get boring.

Lucky I found a found an unexpected treat. I tried swallowing a taste of lime green SPF Cooling Moisturizer Lotion. The label read the goop edible.

Ingredients of avocado, zinc, iodine, and maltodextrin seemed okay to me. The other minor substances making up the gel were foreign chemical names in my vocabulary. I’ve been drinking a few sips every day since I began sacking empty grocery stores. The brand is everywhere.

Coolest thing is the green goop always tastes cold even if it’s been sitting in the hot sun for hours. Must be magic.

Dogs are getting sick just like humans. The virus is killing pets.

Went back to my old house today and found our neighbor’s dog outside baking on the sidewalk in sweltering 110° Fahrenheit heat. She wasn’t dead but still, severely dehydrated, and sick.

I approached her slowly and carefully. Heard her make a small, weak growl. Betsy’s tongue lolled outside of her mouth and her bare teeth gave me further caution.

Standing a foot away I squirted a huge line of the green SPF Cooling Moisturizer Lotion into her mouth. Maybe the coolness would help her.

Leaving Betsy on the sidewalk may have been cruel but I had a short time to go into my house and retrieve a few things before going to search for more healthy survivors of the plague.

Barking startled me. The usual eerie silence of the day suddenly came alive. Looking out the peephole of my front door shocked me. Betsy stood there panting and wagging her tail. She beamed with excitement and I swear smiled at me.

I opened the door and Betsy jumped on me nearly licking my face to a puddle of skin. The green goop cured Betsy thought flashed in my mind.

After managing to try my discovery on several dying plague victims I knew I had to find an authority to spread the good news.

Maybe I was the authority now.

Fantasy Warrior Women from Pixabay

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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