Stray Cat Shuffle No More

Greg Prince
2 min readApr 24, 2019


A name and a place of meeting and discovery in Wanda’s super adventure.

Cats are fast but she zoomed with unusual agility and acceleration unknown to any feline besides a cheetah. And, no cheetah could sustain her 3-mile burst of nearly 70 mph. Her dash to find the origin of the electric magic she ingested from the parking lot puddle was directed and fierce.

Jumping to the 4th-floor apartment balcony oddly felt easy. She willed it without question or consideration. An impossible leap now was natural.

Wanda hadn’t slept.

Usually waking up at 7 am, she was wide awake and feeling ready to take on the world at 6:30. Most wake ups required a shower and a strong cup of coffee to prepare for the workday. Today was different.

Meowww…” came from the balcony. The sliding shutters were closed.

One of Wanda’s eyebrows lifted in her signature expression of curiosity or serious questioning of a situation. Her apartment, located in the center of the building, was isolated by columns separating her from neighbors.

No cat could have survived a jump across and around such obstacles. Wanda had to see what the hell was outside. She opened the shutters.

Sitting on the balcony wall railing overlooking the lake behind the apartments, the calico pursuer locked electric eyes with Wanda. An instant connection and understanding traveled between the pair.

A magnetic pull drew them into one another. Wanda and the cat were like two like-charged electric terminals.

The apartments “No Pets” rule would have to be broken. Wanda named her feline friend Charge and welcomed her calico cat cohort into her digs.

“Here kitty, kitty” was the best she could think of. But, Charge needed no invitation and zipped right in.

An established camaraderie ensued immediately after Charge swallowed a can of tuna and purred while Wanda gently stroked her back.

In the 7 years Wanda worked at CostRitz she maintained perfect attendance but today she used her first Personal-Day.

Gaining mutant electric powers and making friends with a super cat required thinking over and considering options.

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Cat Cat European from Pixabay



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