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Super Women Can Have Super Misconceptions

Greg Prince
4 min readMay 4, 2019

Wanda working on the finer points of what she’s become.

The kiss on the cheek turned into much more. Lil’ Tyson and the woman in the driveway began to grope each other, and their lips met in a much deeper and more intimate lip greeting.

Wanda hovered quietly next to a tall oak tree 35 feet in the air and unnoticed. Soft brown colors of her costume worked well to camouflage her presence.

I shivered. Possible pedophilia hooked with drug dealing, the implications and offenses were building up around the teenage rough rider. Did I need to intervene?

Since the transformation in the supermarket parking lot, not only did I have phenomenal strength, speed, and electric generating power, all my senses became exaggerated 100 times my previous abilities.

My vision was amplified, I could focus on a sound 3 miles away, and the even the most subtle scents were easy to pick up.

Smelling the pheromones between Lil’ Tyson and the woman below caused me to gag and begin to throw up in my mouth but I fought it down. Learning to turn off my senses and regulate them is a new and constant challenge.

My jaw dropped.

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Women do not act so brazenly but her home was obscured by tall trees and hedges.

She removed Lil’ Tyson’s shirt and the two pressed together. Lil’ Tyson’s firm breasts were exposed as she leaned back and roughly took off the other woman’s shirt.

They stood together in the moonlight kissing and loving each other in a passionate embrace.

A hint of the moon’s gleam revealed a very different view of Lil’ Tyson’s face. She appeared much older and stronger than I observed earlier. No way she was a teenager and certainly not a boy.



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