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Super Women Don’t Stalk They Observe

Wanda learns unexpected information about her cause.

After running away from Wanda’s apartment complex the drug peddler jumped on his blue scooter and zipped away. Creeping on a teenage drug dealer was much less exciting than Wanda expected.

She watched the teenager make 7 stops on his way through neighborhood after neighborhood. Flying far enough away for him not to notice her gave Wanda time to consider how she might deal with the heroin dealer in the future.

Killing the shot caller supplying the heroin appealed to her but her cause, to help the teenager, may not be accomplished. He could just find another supplier.

Plotting her plan of action suddenly took a back seat to the action playing out below her.

The deal going down must have gone wrong. A tall very white man punched the teenager in the chest. The eighth drop for the night wasn’t going well.

“Don’t make no trouble there won’t be no trouble”

“Son you better get off my property,” the man said.

“Bitch, time to pay up!”

Wanda thought her mark had guts. She even admired his gusto seeing the man he stood up to dwarfed him by at least a foot and a hundred muscular pounds.

“You don’t pay you gonna get a visit you don’t want.”

“Yeah, yeah Lil’ Tyson. I’ll make your threat go away real fast.” The shirtless white behemoth pulled out a 12 gauge shotgun from beside the inside of his front door.

Out of the darkness, Charge appeared and acted as any affectionate, purring cat would. She wrapped her body around Lil’ Tyson’s legs.

“See that one puss knows another puss when she sees it.”

Lil’ Tyson didn’t appreciate being condescended to and didn’t know what to think of the calico cat rubbing against his legs.

“I need my money Whitey, now!” Again, Lil’ Tyson showed strength.

“You make me laugh. Kick rocks!” And, Whitey backed in his house then began to close the front door.

But, Champ put her rock hard kitty body between the door closing and the door bounced off her.

Whitey said, “What the hell?”

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Champ jumped up and in on swipe of her claws knocked Whitey over a couch and unconscious. Falling on to his back and slamming his head on the floor put Whitey out for hours.

Using the opportunity, Lil’ Tyson rushed in the door and checked Whitey’s pockets for money. Bingo! Wanda could see Lil’ Tyson grabbing a roll of bills from Whitey’s jean pocket.

Charge slinked away in a silent blur into the shrubbery and disappeared. The mystery of Champ’s behavior baffled Wanda.

Finally, Wanda watched Lil’ Tyson drive his scooter up to a house on Hoffner Avenue. She watched a broad-shouldered woman walk out to her driveway and greet Lil’ Tyson with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

The scene confused Wanda. The expensive house and the warm greeting weren’t the kinds of destination and behavior she expected.

Wanda had her plans but the direction of her observations led elsewhere.

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Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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