To rise from the depth of a dark corner to face the day.

Ships on the sea flying to the battle
A dark horse shadows the movements that I seek.
Lines of frowning clowns walk by my thoughts.
But, I watch without moving;
Yet the scream is howling and building in my soul.

Dragons waiting to my left and to my right.
Hungry teeth glistening and waiting for the bite.
Into the hot and putrid mouth of debt my hatred springs.
But, I watch still and needy;
Yet the shout is roaring and climbing in my throat.

Flying fortresses zipping toward conquest.
Tentacles encircling and crushing my endeavors.
Where are thou mighty voice giving succor and rest?
But I watch hoping and laboring;
Yet the shriek is straining and crying in my gut.

Sharks dark and ominous rushing madly to the fight.
Fins rounding and tempted to take my very essence.
Calling simple mimes mocking each effort to illuminate failure.
But, I watch to erase and build again;
Yet the dawn and dusk do not wait for me.

Eagles dance spitting fire.
Talons ripping and grasping, protecting my heart.
Voices sprouting in hurt soil once again fertilized and replenished.
But, I awaken renewed and resolute;
Yet the chains of despair cannot hold me.

Lions roaring, “Seize and go forth!”
Claws tearing holes in dank down dread.
Skin is itching with explosive restless energy.
But, I wrestle and grind in perseverance;
Yet my limits of aspiration fade while insight is gained.

Owls shrieking, “Do not waste!”
Eyes of wisdom shining down lessons bending my knee.
Breaking spirit resolute and unstoppable bursts with life.
But, I embrace and sing through troubles;
Yet peace is acquired and sunshine again lights my soul.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Into their eyes is seen my desire and gain is nothing if their heart is not fulfilled.

What are the wonder and love looking back at me? What am I without them?

Joined together we are a tree she and I entwined, wrapped into and around each other, a root.

Our branches feed on this root and gain a growing and absorbing through the lens we provide.

Is it enough? Can I give more?

Peel me and make me new.

Teach me my branches how to love you more, to give you more, to provide all that I can.

My being no longer traps the outcry and with a great bellow it breaks clear, released in its glory I am the humble servant to our tree and its branches.

Light opens. Eyes open. Hearts open. A new day opens.

Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

Forever Free.

I dedicate this to those who may be having dark days or depression looking at a new year. Remember there are peace and sanctity in everyone, in you.

Find your real.

It is not always easy or kind to look upon.

But, inside you, there is the power no one can ever take away.

Draw from your power and live in it.

When the whole world seems against you and all is bleak think on your prized possession and share it with all no matter how bleak all seems.

Like the fabled phoenix, you will rise again. Shake the ashes of despair, shut up the inner speak of self-derision and hate.

Be blessed by the inner light emanating from your secret self.

Dream and act on your dream!

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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