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Suspended On Medium — What The F**K?!

Greg Prince
4 min readDec 20, 2018


Excellent customer service — A Relief & Joy.

Yesterday was frightening to me.

I looked at my views. There were zero.

The afternoon nearly finished without one read or look at any of my stories. Confusion and dismay slammed into my thoughts.

What had I done? Did I break any writing rules? Did I offend Medium’s policies? Was the mistake mine? What can I possibly do about being…oh no…SUSPENDED!

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What options did I have? I immediately sent a help ticket into Medium requesting assistance. Recently, I read accounts about Medium being slow to respond or not responding at all. My hopes were not high.

Next, I did a Google search about accounts suspended on Medium hoping to find about how other’s dealt with the same situation.

Read several posts.

Unsatisfied, I kept searching and then I found a post with a Medium email help address. I believed this might be different from the help ticket I already submitted on Medium’s site. I sent another request for aid with my suspension issue.

Hours crept by with no response.

Branching out on social media.

Desperation slicked over my thoughts like a slimy slug mushing across my brow.

Medium has become a place of refuge for me. The freedom to express thoughts here is an unparalleled experience and an oasis of creativity. My mind is wandering in the most pleasant way while I’m doing physical labor and everything else during the day thinking about subjects to write and post on Medium.

So, my next stop was Facebook. I belong to several Medium support groups on Medium. Writers supporting writers. Bloggers helping bloggers. It’s fantastic.

Friends on Facebook empathized with me and several had their own issue regarding Medium. We commiserated. Pouring out frustration and reassuring one another is therapeutic and I appreciate the support I received.



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