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Terrific Tabby Tastes


Wanda’s electrifying beginning creates an unexpected feline result.

Fragments of charged ions remained curiously suspended in the air of the supermarket parking lot for minutes after Wanda drove away. The charred ions were of Wanda’s assailant. The goon who attempted to rape her.

The more than 10 billion watts of pure electric energy Wanda concentrated into her attacker vaporized him instantly.

Before falling into the chemical puddle Wanda had been standing in when struck by lightning, the ions emitted the burnt smell of human flesh attracting a hungry hunter.

Craving the scent of meat a stray calico cat drooled. Her green eyes sparkled as she scampered in a furious sprint. Disappointed, she only found a puddle.

Some cats are wise and know beggars can’t be choosers. Her thirst groaned in her belly nearly as much as her hunger. She lapped at the puddle.

The first lick snapped her head back. Her intuition of warning sparked.

Standing water does not give a static shock in any feline memory. The taste of savory flesh filled her mouth and overcame her tentative feelings.

She drank the entire puddle. A satisfied bloated tabby.

Waking after a longer sleep than she could remember she stretched in the morning sun baking her short black, orange, and white coat. Her energy was renewed and excited.

One thought consumed all thought. “Find the origin of the scent from the puddle.”

Sparks of electricity jumped and danced in her green eyes as her nose led and demanded. Cat senses and speedy feet directed her path to find Wanda.

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Cat Cat European from Pixabay



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