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The Crystal Night — Never Forget

True ignorance and history repeating itself.

It’s been said many times in many ways.

“Those that cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” by George Santayana.

In the great United States, we have semi-comfortable concentration camps. They go by a different name but their purpose is remarkably similar to the Nazi’s treatment of Jews before World War 2.

Refugees, immigrants, people seeking asylum are being treated like criminals and outcasts. Children separated from loving parents and traumatized for life. The United States is responsible for this atrocity of mind-blowing cruelty.

What is being done to remedy this situation? Not enough to nothing is the answer.

Except for fringe news, the majority doesn’t watch, not much attention is being paid to this situation. For a month it was a hot issue and now it’s a back-page event. Have we just moved on?

Where is the outrage?

This situation reminds me of a sensationally terrible anniversary marked today for a Nazi call to action 80 years ago. The night was titled Kristallnacht in German. That means Crystal Night.

The use of crystal is in reference to the copious shattered glass of broken windows and the mass destruction of that night.

Jews were expatriated and their passports revoked. Jewish businesses were not allowed to exist. Their citizenship suddenly vanished. The Nazi government then instigated a pogrom against the jews on November 9th and 10th, 1938.

This pogrom resulted in the killing of at least 90 jews and more than 30,000 were arrested and sent to concentration camps.

This is a Crystal Soul time for America now.

The lives of thousands fleeing from murderous gangs and torturous governments are being shattered by American policies.

Warehousing individuals from countries such as Honduras crack their hopes and minds, tearing hearts, and creating lost children.

These children become estranged from their parents after being separated from them and treated like imprisoned cattle. There is no running away from the need to deal with this issue for the United States.

Think if your 6-year-old child was torn away from you and put into a concrete room on a steel bunk bed or small cot with hundreds of strange children in a distant place.

How many laws did your child break, none?

How many laws did you break, none?

Yet you and your loved one are imprisoned for seeking aid and the chance to work and capture a dream, the American one.

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The United States of America is and always has been a country run and governed by laws and the welcoming of asylum seekers is and always has been the law and not a crime.

This law must be followed without the interference of fear mongering or political hype spinning fake news about a fake threat.

Let Americans wake up to the real disinformation being promulgated by the highest authorities.

Migrants and asylum seekers are less likely to commit crime than citizens of the United States.

That is a fact.

Let America put away with the spreading of lies and false propaganda.

It’s time to be incredulous and defeat the wrongs of the self-pitying and self-righteous arrogant.

The leading of fools to make rash decisions to enact law based on unjustified fears has to be stopped with fact checking and rational news headlines.

The silence of opposition in Federal politics to the internment of asylum-seeking migrants is deafening.

Brave citizens, often descendants of migrants, have been giving some assistance to the few asylum seekers that have been released and are awaiting a court appearance concerning their citizenship. But these awesome, brave citizens of the United States expending their own resources are limited in what they can provide.

The United States government must make amends and give aid to the migrants, the real needy, the impoverished. The hungry and tired, the meek and suffering, the yearning migrants deserve this government’s mercy.


Will those that represent us hear the cry of United States citizens calling to give succor, a helping hand to the weary and worn?

The resemblance to the Kristallnacht (Krystal Night) on November 9th and 10th in Nazi Germany is real. The migrants and asylum seekers are not being killed(yet).

Will they be if one of them picks up a rock?

The order has been given that if a migrant, trying to come across the United States border from Mexico, throws a rock at our guarding armed forces the migrant is to be shot.

This sounds murderous and is bullying at its peak. Is this the Nationalist answer? This is not, nor has ever been, the United States I was taught had evolved from since the Civil War.

The incarceration of immigrants seeking asylum must stop immediately. Mercy and love, kindness and gentle compassion are needed.

Remember the Crystal Night so that the atrocities committed there never occur again.

Not to Jews, not to asylum seekers coming in the United States, not to anyone.

Honor the survivors and the victims of that terrible time by opposing the soul-shattering treatment of migrants seeking mercy in the United States today.

Let the politicians hear “Do What Is Right!”

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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