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The Endless Unease Caused By A Frequently Turtling Up Penis

Greg Prince
4 min readMay 28, 2019


A year ago my wife and I attended our friend’s gay wedding. An after-party held the next day at a gay bar amazed me and made me very self-conscious. Attractive men danced on the bar, Coyote Ugly style, wearing only a g-string bikini bottom. Every muscular, chiseled bar dancer had a large flaccid schlong.

I’m just a plain old boring hetero cisgender male but the impressive size and dimensions of the sexual organs being wagged around shocked me. Unless I’m aroused my little guy doesn’t want to hang.

Unfortunately, I became acutely aware of my penis woes first in Junior High School (Between 7th and 9th grade). My initial shower after P.E. taught me other teenagers didn’t suffer from the same genital shrinkage conditions as me. Physical Education class never felt the same again.


My friends and other teen’s curiosity played havoc in my sensitive 13-year-old psyche. I heard snickers and caught side glances blown into grand mocking proportions deflating my young ego.

The unbearable conflict afflicting me caused me to decide never to shower again, no matter how sweaty I became, following exercise class.

Confusion swept over me. My first sexual experience happened a few months before 7th grade began. The great frontier of intercourse breached and conquered.

My junk worked fine.

According to my tape measure and a Playboy Magazine article, I ranked slightly above average sizewise when erect. So, why did my manhood not loosen up and dangle down in social situations?

I resigned myself to taking sink baths and using tons of scented antiperspirant after P.E. throughout Junior High School and High School. By some odd luck of stink demonry, I never caused any offensive or horrific malodorous situations during secondary or senior secondary school years.

(Perhaps some of my schoolmates would disagree but I haven’t heard of such unpleasantries.)

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Withdrawing Further From Public Nudity



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