The first I’m hearing or seeing anything about Tiegan on Medium is here. This is because I rarely ever look at Medium’s front page. I only pay attention to FB groups and writers who are worth reading.

Tiegan is a star. Hosts reality TV shows. So Medium is a sucker for celebrity. The world is shit gaga for celebrity. What’s new? Why would her suffering be worse than any of ours or more worthy of reading about? It’s not.

When Barak Obama posted his story a few months ago I read that and it was great. He has a lot more substance than Tiegan but no one complained when he got a zillion claps. Or, when Jeff Bezos suddenly popped up and posted a story. Eyes go toward the shiny things.

I don’t care about Tiegan but I may read her story just to see why she chose to slum it with us. Either way she’s not worth a minute of stress.

The competition for claps and reads is tiring. I say fuck it all, we get what we get. I’m lucky to have a few people out of over 100 million reading my writing and some of em’ even like it. I’m one lucky mother fucker.