By Anthony Cantin

The Hole Within — Honest Fear

Greg Prince


Darkness and Shadows Beneath True Threat

Inside the inside creeping and crawling under my skin, I lie awake sleeping in a lucid dream embedded there with vivid energy and implanted horror.

The house is quiet but the vision is not. Blue light flashes through my mind in an open scene. Spending the last hour and a half coding before bed has imprisoned my thoughts bombarding my half-sleeping conscious but I can not escape or wake.

An odd screeching voice repeating my name in a shrill repeated humming fills my head, “Sarah, Sarah, Sarah…”

The world is aflame. Zeroes and ones are cascading in verticle congested lines ending in a fiery splash. Then, the scene goes into a void. My being is swallowed in a vacuum consuming itself.

I wake in a sweat.

It appears time has ceased to exist.

The rules of physics abandoned.

I was exhausted and went to bed only one hour ago according to the clock beside my bed but I feel refreshed. This has happened to me a lot lately. Since taking this job doing freelance coding for an online casino app my circadian cycles have been out-of-whack.

My physical work during the day is taxing and I need 7 hours of sleep to operate optimally. Designing and putting together custom landscaping takes brute and endurance strength.

I’m lucky to be able to code and work remotely from our home office.

My husband, Jim, is always done by the time I get home with his remote job as a customer service rep manager. He works after getting the kids to school in the morning until late afternoon.

We’re lucky to have the freedom the digital world offers and I get my exercise being creative in improving home landscapes.

The disturbed perspiration beading on the top of my back and forehead startles me awake and I can’t go back to sleep.

Sleeping Woman by Annie Spratt

Aggravated, I stumble out of bed and do a tired walk to the office and sit down to work at my laptop. After typing in my key to unlock the…



Greg Prince

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