The Porcupine & The Bear — Parent Talk

Greg Prince
2 min readNov 7, 2018

Thought about helping my children understand relationships.

Nature Animal Porcupine from Pixabay

Young siblings will fight as we all know and parents will hurt seeing such a display but what to do we do?

Such passion and play strong wills and no sway.

Anger is high and they won’t give in, only deny.

Try to find the right words but what can I say.

She had it first and sister won’t share. Scream and cry, it all seems absurd. But to them, it’s the end of all ends.

Parents, we must soothe and find an instant way to cut a new groove. Steer our precious into a new lane and look for a path much more smooth.

Grudges will hold on and linger. Next time to share that sister might remember.

What's this?

It’s only been a quick minute since the last fit and brawl and now the two sisters have seemed to have forgotten it all.

I hear with delight and see with a grin a new game the girls are playing, a wonderful spin.

“brown bear near grass field” by Jessica Weiller on Unsplash

I explained to my girls,



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