Greg Prince
1 min readMar 10, 2021

This is all great philosophical goobdlygook clickbait. Bitcoin is an investment. Thank goodness and I’m making a bundle. Yes it’s a new idea most people don’t need to think about how it works. But I love it to. It’s about a more real value that represents real transactions on the blockchain being recorded instead of fake fiat with no real backing except trust that can be easily manipulated. But we see big money and big institutions pouring millions into Bitcoin and crypto no matter how much they say they despise it (read - misinformation). The little money like me need to know that buying tiny fractions of Bitcoin can grow their wealth. It is an investment. And there are other great cryptos. Etherium is not such an Alt as it is it’s own entity. When it 10x it’s present value hodlers like me will rejoice as we have been for years.

Bravo on telling the world your purpose is to make people think. But please let people know crypto is an investment and there is more than Bitcoin and this is the revolution that can shift power from the uber money to the lower income earners. Your influence is huge and money in whatever form communicates to all. We need to dismiss the false information about crypto and our blockchain future and help understanding grow for everyone about this currency paradigm shift. I’ve only been in cryptos and loving it since 2016 and its still in its infancy but we can help educate and inspire people to realize it’s potential.

Invest yourselves!

Greg Prince

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