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Tree How Strong & Wonderful You Are

Greg Prince
2 min readJul 12, 2019


Honor and gratitude to trees.

Filling the earth before times we know
Beyond our understanding
Beyond our ways
Selfless gifts you do bestow.

The umbrella of your branches gives relief beyond measure. I’m roasting under the blazing rays of a scorching hot day and then with one step under your shadow coolness rushes over me like a wave of soothing redemption.

Stalwart and magnificent you stand tall and proud.

You labor without showing a sign of toil or strain. All should take notice of the dignified character you display day and night.

Deep roots of constant and ever moving forward seeking mark your behavior. I cannot think of a better hero or role model to emulate.

Grounds both coarse and soft are yours to meld with and you always reciprocate with nourishment and symbiotic caring to the surrounding world. Who else can provide as you?

Creatures tiny and large take refuge live within your might. Your supply homes for the asking and taking with little fight.

Loving and giving life you require so little.

Limbs of such great strength one can marvel at your impressive power without end. From small shoots, you dangle hundreds of pounds of delicious fruits. Mangoes, apples, pears, peaches, and more suspended in the air. You grow, ripen, and sustain hunger not asking for return only to bless and share.

From your grains, we take and build. From your leaves and fibers, countless provisions are fulfilled. From your silence, we learn grace. From your shelter, we learn comfort, rest, and embracing life in our own space.

Sapling To Splendor

Never in any other place, I’ve seen,
The beauty intertwined with strength
Matching the wonder of a tree.

In awe and majesty
The charm laced with esteem
Setting the path of example for which we all dream.

Hurricanes blow and lightning strikes but you keep on beyond the fright. Swaying, bending still giving hope, the trunk can bear the heavy yolk.

If I live to be good as a tree no greater satisfaction could there be.

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