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Turkey Dance © — Part 2

The meetup

Chapter 1: Under Bridges By Streams (Continued)

Guz called the stream, which babbled and rushed close to his home, Yord. In rare moments of stillness, he would spend seconds meditating on the sound of the water and the little splashes jumping in its current.

Mostly though he lived for taunting and pestering any being he came across. He used whatever tool available to disrupt and confuse the unaware in his neighborhood.

The stones on the shore, twigs, string, the occasional piece of plastic, these were a few teasing favorites. To see an insect or animal startled by his sudden, unexpected taunt gave Guz a satisfying thrill.

Grasshoppers, one of his top choices to annoy, would hardly suspect a rapid-fire pebble attack. Chewing away on a piece of grass, she would not notice the tiny, whirling vortex moving up behind her. (His spinning was so fast he moved without sound)

All Grasshopper would know is a dozen bitsy flashes of stone pelted her.

The startled and confused little hoppers always made a dash and quickly bound off leaving Guz chuckling while gasping for air in hysterics at the turmoil he just caused.

Never thinking his playful intrusions wrong or unjust, he just had fun. Natural toll behavior. A game to him.

The real electrifying moment came when a Giant came around. Playing a devious game with a huge two-legged animal frequenting his world was the best.

A gargantuan target was too good to resist and the joy he felt by disturbing it was overwhelming.

Guz crept in total stealth and with lightning speed while the giant remained quite still and paid no attention to the 3-inch high dust ball inching up onto his sneaker. Then with a deft troll floating slide up the leg and jump across the giant’s back, Guz rested on a shoulder.

Weighing only an ounce or two helped his troll presence stay nearly invisible. The giant didn’t feel the sneering, jubilant trouble maker standing very close to its head. From his present position, Guz’s options varied. He could play a ton of tricks on his towering prey.

Often Guz chanted a little song into the giant’s ear.

To Bill, it sounded like a buzzing insect or a wind cutting and tickling the air. Bill’s swipes at his ear swatted at the phantom itch daring to interfere with the fantastic escapades of the great Four-eyes Grasshopper.

Moving with great intuition and anticipation, Guz moved swiftly and the giant’s hand never came within a chance of hitting his supple, shifty trollness.

With lizard-quick leaping, Guz popped up to the top of Bill’s ear and reached down, his tiny hands lifting one arm of the boy’s glasses. Then in a split second, he circled the bulb of the giant’s head across its black, crew cut hair to the top of the opposite ear.

There he lifted the other glass’ arm and delighted watching the metal frames begin to fall. The giant fumbled in a start and his glasses tumbled from his face and onto his knees. Bill didn’t hear the troll’s tiny but hearty snickering.

Guz reveled in the success of his trickery.

Bill reacted to the nuisances with a bothered kind of exasperation. Just another part of his miserable life. He felt like a weird force surrounded him seeking to disrupt him wherever he went, even here in his quiet spot by the bridge.

He wanted to be alone, not bothering anyone, and not being bothered. Bill fought against any other thoughts and concentrated hard to get back into the world which adored and accepted him. One in which he belonged to only in waking dreams, the world of Four-eyes Grasshopper.

However, Guz did not take to being ignored. The troll felt daring and adventurous. He decided to attempt a dangerous stunt. It might get him smashed. Guz needed all his skill and cunning to outwit the giant.

Using his wiry yet steely strong fingers, the tiny troll spun, slinking up Bill’s leg. Next, he carefully pried away the top of the boy’s sock from his calf and savored the smell his troll senses found hard to resist.

Trolls love the sour, acrid stench of perspiration. A troll finds the salty tang of sweat delicious and fun to lick. A wonderful whiff and then Guz hurled himself into the sock like a diver. He lingered as long as possible in this slice of troll heaven between stinky cotton and skin.

Bill Ringer always wore tall black socks. Even when he wore shorts. Guz loved the opportunity the socks gave him. The troll turned up his menace a notch.

Grabbing at ankle hair and tugging hard the tiny terror caused Bill to slap away at his lower leg.

The sly bobbing and weaving offender easily sensed danger so he zigged and zagged. Guz’s abilities included shapeshifting and made himself flat against the giant’s leg hardly causing any bulge in the sock.

The troll hid quietly and motionless.

If by chance, the giant luckily landed a blow Guz planned to absorb the blow. The micro marauder proceeded to his next tease. Following a brief pause for effect while waiting for the giant’s hand to depart Guz continued his journey down the sock.

Reaching the top of the giant’s black canvas Converse Chuck Taylor mid-high top he found an ultimate ecstasy of unmatched odors and tastes. Stinkalicious heaven.

Cloud Clip Art Sad Cartoon Sad Raincloud from PNGkey

Bill thought his luck to be all bad, like a small, dark personal rain cloud following him. At some point, every time he came to his place and sat on his stump some mysterious bug or tiny animal attacked him.

The interference screwed up his daydreaming and deep thought. Bill wished for more peace.

Guz was relentless and began sniffing and licking with gusto as Bill became more agitated until he made his way up and out of the sock. The master of menace fell away and avoided contact with the giant’s leg.

Even trolls get tired. Having satisfied his olfactory needs and teasing delights Guz twirled away in his tiny cloud of dust. A magnificent troll day annoying the giant gave him a giddy excitement and restful sleep.

Guz was sure of the giant’s return to the stump for more game and fun.

(Follow for Turkey Dance © Part 3 coming soon and find out new excitement about Guz, Bill, and so much more! Bill’s life will get much better quickly. )

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Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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