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Turkey Dance © — Part 3

Expanding relationships.


Cheetahs fascinated her. Their amazing running speed and hunting abilities astounded Daphne cork. She watched a video and read about the incredible cats.

The Great Cats of Africa headlined her sixth-grade zoology report. She became excited about fierce feline huntresses and loved studying them. Clinging to as much info as she could, Daphne scribbled notes while thinking about how to piece together her studies.

Doing great research and turning in awesome reports were Daphne’s calling card. All her friends knew she was a top student and a 6th-grade wiz-kid. But Daphne went further with herself than most straight ‘A’ students in her class.

Through her parents' accounts, she was learning how to code with Free Code Camp and she began to do a This Is How Kids Feel blog series on this cool site, Medium. Daphne’s parents let her use their persona on the sites and made sure to check on her progress every day.

Daphne loved working on her laptop. Her favorite activity though revolved around opening new galaxies messaging her email pal (the internet version of a penpal) in France.

She and Matilda wrote about everything from boys to their favorite soccer/football players. Both agreed on Carli Lloyd to be the best footballer in the world. Carli’s spectacular play made them claim her Amazeballs!

Meeting Matilda through a chat feature on an online kid math competition game the two became close friends. Since parents had to authenticate the participants' age in the math competition to keep the interactions between competitors safe probabilities remained very high only kids played the game.

Daphne’s parents did not allow her to use facetime with her phone or her laptop but she didn’t mind. She loved writing back and forth with Matilda. Although thousands of miles and cultures separated them the two girls shared many goals and aspirations. They had a lot in common.

The many hours she spent learning to code, chatting with Matilda, and writing her blog transformed Ms. Cork into a speedy typist. Her writing improved years beyond her age and grade, however, she missed out on social activities with other kids.

Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

Her only substantial relationships with children, outside of school, took place in her soccer league. Daphne Cork loved playing soccer. She practiced with her team twice a week and competed in games on the weekends.

The Corks valued athletics. Daphne’s parents encouraged her to be the best footballer she could be.

Her team, the Cosmos, dubbed her “The Red Flash” because she was fast and her flaming red hair gleamed as she ran in the bright Florida sun. Daphne’s skills on the field recently skyrocketed past her last two years of play.

In the beginning, her sloppy kicks and lanky awkwardness held her back but Daphne began to understand the game. Her 9-year-old efforts were distant newb memories. Local fame characterized her as a fierce force on the soccer playing area.

A local sports star in the game she held the Sweeper position. Daphne’s cardio, a huge natural ability, allowed her to run swiftly and to cover the pitch in ferocious sprints.

Sweepers cover the full range of the soccer field and are also referred to as halfbacks. Daphne’s responsibilities to the Cosmos ranged from scoring goals to falling back in aid to the fullbacks or goalie in a defensive position.

The fury with which The Red Flash played dazzled the girl’s soccer league. Daphne often earned a mention in their monthly newsletter.

Because of her intelligence, unusual tall height, and her bright red hair she often became a target for taunts and teasing at Osceola Elementary. The sixth grade could be brutal. Kids called her, “Slanky, Clifford (after the cartoon dog), and Rusty” or whatever barb they imagined.

But, on the soccer field, she left the jeering and bullying behind and showed freeing, intense, fiery passion. Daphne’s exceptional play and power on the soccer pitch erased all the tension and hurt received at school.

Photo by James McKinven on Unsplash

Exceeding in the classroom and on the soccer field bring attention but Daphne’s shy spirit kept her out of social groups. She did not brag about her skills and preferred reading a book to hanging out with girls from her soccer team or school.

Daphne didn’t waste time when the dismissal school bell rang. She grabbed her waterproof backpack and jolted out of the classroom shouting, “Bye Ms. Hancock!”

The 2 1/2 mile run home regularly lasted for 22 minutes but Daphne wanted to best her time every day and get her miles faster. She loved to run in the sunshine or rain.

She raced to get home and eat a tuna fish sandwich with a tall glass of OJ. Orange juice was her best-loved treat after school. Before doing homework she went straight to her laptop and resumed playing Superhog, her favorite video adventure.

Superhog’s graphics screamed and mesmerized. Your main hog character flew, jumped, and scampered with astounding ability. The spectacular swine’s powers rocked.

A fantastic ear shattering Super-Snort, the powerful Super-Springy Tail used to bound over buildings, and the earthquake-inducing Piggy Squeal talents belonged to your Superhog. Such super-swine powers helped to vanquish the enemies and villains of Superhog’s world, Hoggonia.

The international game often had thousands playing at any time around the globe. A practitioner of the pork world of Superhog could be hypnotized by the fun. Daphne became an avid player in the 5th grade but did not become obsessive in her gaming.

Fortunately, due to her time management superpower, she found a few minutes to contact Matilda and chat for a few minutes each morning. When Matilda joined in playing Superhog the two joined in their Hoggonia exploits but only gamed together on the weekends.

Mom set the ground rules and the defense of Hoggonia time limit for playing after school stayed firm limited to one hour. Since she usually arrived home from her run from school just after 3 pm her schedule was tight to get homework done before dinner, homework, and reading before bed.

Somehow Daphne found a half an hour to work out on the fitness station in their home’s garage 2 days a week before the rest of her evening activities. Life moved fast and busy.

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