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Greg Prince
5 min readMar 5, 2019


Expanding relationships.


Cheetahs fascinated her. Their amazing running speed and hunting abilities astounded Daphne cork. She watched a video and read about the incredible cats.

The Great Cats of Africa headlined her sixth-grade zoology report. She became excited about fierce feline huntresses and loved studying them. Clinging to as much info as she could, Daphne scribbled notes while thinking about how to piece together her studies.

Doing great research and turning in awesome reports were Daphne’s calling card. All her friends knew she was a top student and a 6th-grade wiz-kid. But Daphne went further with herself than most straight ‘A’ students in her class.

Through her parents' accounts, she was learning how to code with Free Code Camp and she began to do a This Is How Kids Feel blog series on this cool site, Medium. Daphne’s parents let her use their persona on the sites and made sure to check on her progress every day.

Daphne loved working on her laptop. Her favorite activity though revolved around opening new galaxies messaging her email pal (the internet version of a penpal) in France.

She and Matilda wrote about everything from boys to their favorite soccer/football players. Both agreed on Carli Lloyd to be the best footballer in the world. Carli’s spectacular play made them claim her Amazeballs!

Meeting Matilda through a chat feature on an online kid math competition game the two became close friends. Since parents had to authenticate the participants' age in the math competition to keep the interactions between competitors safe probabilities remained very high only kids played the game.

Daphne’s parents did not allow her to use facetime with her phone or her laptop but she didn’t mind. She loved writing back and forth with Matilda. Although thousands of miles and cultures separated them the two girls shared many goals and aspirations. They had a lot in common.

The many hours she spent learning to code, chatting with Matilda, and writing her blog transformed Ms. Cork into a speedy typist. Her writing improved years beyond her age and grade, however, she missed out on social activities with other kids.



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