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Greg Prince


Treasure in between.

I’m tainted
Soul is cracked
Shape of a rotten dirge
Outcast beyond anarchist
Crying in the lonely
Don’t sing for me
Too sloppy
Won’t need sympathy
Sharp hurt more comforting
Play in the broken glass
Feel good
Broken like I be
Should be history
Chomping down getting dirty
Searching, always searching
Found light sprayed on a strobe fan of fading illumination
Cringe no more
Standing in the shadow of an aspiration unfulfilled
I reach still
Baskets to catch falling hearts
No end in sight only fresh starts>less is more
= cons >more than pros
Don’t suppose (+) or (-) anymore
Just do
No, only be
Where does it end?
Join the endless see
Flying high
Visions collecting, melding, arriving, flowing vast capacity
Show some damn resolve
Cannot assume
Stick it through
Puzzles must be solved

Getting clean in the most tainted way, perhaps evolved.


Entitled and unbridled old notions slip away. Welcome responsibilities undertaken and held tight. Would never give up again. Sometimes wrong to be so hard. Mostly right.

Made guesses and took chances plenty. Can’t say all are regrets. Risks to live and fail on my own, risks no one would understand, no one would get.

Now time is near and I fear more what a disappointment it could be to not take bigger risks in a better way to share my love on an evergrowing giving tree.

We think with words and words think our thoughts. Construct with care and be that which you’ve sought.

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Greg Prince

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.