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Unfake Yourself

Greg Prince
2 min readMar 31, 2019


Supposing we were selfless.

Something in my head happening back there.
You might feel it too in your own way.
But, we can’t share.
Some kind of crazy.
Needing guns to solve our problems.
Driving me desperate trying to hear.

Whispers everywhere around.
So many cares but they don’t make a sound.
Young at heart protest for love.
Some waiting for a sign not coming from above.

But I tell you, WATCH, LISTEN, hold your ground.
Brand new hearts and minds, peace be found.
Grab your hope and join in need, going to shed old skins
until we’re all free.

Open minds being drawn feeding hungry souls make the world strong.
Holding hands reaching for true change.
Have to search inside and dig in the sad rain.
No one can hide.
Yeah, leave past fears and find our fresh range.

Been said and sung many times before.
We must really hear, see, and open new doors.
Try to fight without throwing a punch just the will of the mass
demanding a wide-eyed honest new core.

HEAR, SEE feel the need.
All nations must make a new creed.
War and powers must resign understand and confide.
Solve the hurts, feed the hungry, shelter the humble, to regain.
Light a new path, and make a new day for all to believe in being safe.

A world reframed.

I’m not calling for a new world order or nations to remove their physical boundaries. I channeled the hippy vibe here.

The essence of this poem is about new generations calling for clear and honest peaceful, logical, rationally emotive health in the world and I am behind the concept 100%.

I hope the world will conform and reshape itself with accurate information and a move toward open love instead of the hate, bigotry, racism, nationalism, and wretched causes of extreme poverty so prevalent today.

How long will we stand at the precipice of understanding leading to every nation working in symbiotic love allowing sharing of all resources without action fully making a move toward its full fruition?

Will all people stand and trample the unfair treatment of unfair and tyrannical rule? I think the time is coming and near. I hope.

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Greg Prince

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